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Healthcare Practice Management

Finding the right practice to purchase can be a difficult process when you are busy seeing patients. Our consulting team works with a vast network of physicians to help you find your dream practice. Our process includes practice search, contract review, and legal documents preparation - ultimately seeing everything through to closing.

Medical Practice Management Consultants

Our consultants are licensed business brokers and provide comprehensive services when it comes to selling a private medical practice. We perform a valuation to determine the fair market value, confidentially list the practice for sale (so staff and patients don’t know), screen potential buyers, verify financial suitability, and assist with contract review to see the transaction through to completion.

Healthcare Practice Management
Contract Mediation

We can help orchestrate the deal when a future buyer or potential partner for your practice is being considered. We determine fair market value for the buy-in or outright purchase, generate required legal documents and assist with contract review.

Medical Practice Management Consultants
Practice Launch

You don’t have to go at it alone. Utilize one of our experienced consultants to help launch your practice. Our knowledge and expertise means less stress for you and a plan in place to achieve better outcomes and generate profits quicker.

Medical Practice Management Consultants
Succession Planning

As a doctor approaches the end of their career it is important to formulate a plan with an exit planning professional. There are many different factors to consider when entering retirement and our consultants can help you achieve your goals by creating a custom plan based on your particular situation and financial needs.

Healthcare Practice Management
Practice Consulting

Do you still look forward to going into the office? Would you like to have more personal time without reducing your income? Our consultants can help you achieve your business goals by creating a customized strategy, including monthly coaching advice. With our guidance and regular communication, your practice has the ability to reach its full potential.

Medical Practice Management Consultants
Practice Appraisal

There are various reasons why a practice owner would need an appraisal. Whatever your reason, we can help. We provide detailed appraisals using numerous formulas and the conditions of the current market environment.

Healthcare Practice Management
Preparing for Sale

It is ideal to take advantage of a consultant four to five years before you want to sell your practice, as the practice appraisal primarily focuses on the financials from the last three years. We can help you increase revenue and optimize systems, to help you get a higher price when you ultimately sell your practice.